How we set up SMCR Academy on an LMS

To test SMCR Academy, we set up an LMS, here's what we did

What is SCORM?

Definition of SCORM, the technical standards for e-learning software

What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Definition of a Learning Management System (LMS)

Free trials

How free trials for Cross-Border Publisher from Clifford Chance Applied Solutions work

Currencies on PartnerVine

What currencies you can see product prices in, and what currency is used for your payment

Finding products

This is where we describe how to find legal products on PartnerVine

Buying products

This is a description of how you buy documents on PartnerVine

PwC Client Screening

This is where we describe how PwC screens users before a purchase

Picking up where you left off

This is where we describe what happens if you can't finish the questionnaire at one time

Downloading from automated documents

This is where we describe how you can download your contract drafts

Searching for products by language

This is a description of how the Language filter works

How we first show you products

This is how we list the products that are shown you
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