PartnerVine's Mission

PartnerVine’s mission is to provide buyers of legal services more value, transparency and choice.

Value. PartnerVine gives you access to legal products from major firms, so no more calling your outside counsel to try to get access to their software without engaging them. It's a better way to work.

Transparency. PartnerVine seeks to provide buyers of legal services more transparent pricing and information about the law and legal services.

  • Pricing. Pricing for legal services, and particularly corporate legal services, is traditionally provided from lawyer to client. PartnerVine seeks to publish prices for legal services online to provide buyers more information when discussing pricing with their counsel. PartnerVine favors fixed fee and transparent pricing models that help buyers understand how much a given legal service should cost.
  • Information. Currently, a substantial amount of information about the law and legal practice is sold at the same rates as expert advice. We think of expert advice as advice tailored to your facts and circumstances, and we think expert advice will always be sold at a premium. General Information though should be sold at a better price point. 

Choice. PartnerVine is committed to providing buyers of legal services more quantitative and qualitative choice about providers of legal services, and making that information available online.