New Asset Transfer Agreement

What is an Asset Transfer Agreement? When do you use it? Q&A with Daniela Reinhardt at PwC Switzerland

The Thomson Reuters report got it wrong

Law firms should pursue technology products, not try to compete on price with the LPO shops and Axiom.

MLL automated documents in French

In addition to English and German, Meyerlustenberger Lachenal has now published intra-group merger documents in French

MLL Launch on PartnerVine

Law Firm Strategy: Decision Making for Tech

Our CEO Jordan Urstadt discusses the best ways for large law firms to structure their tech decisions
What is a Limited Risk Distribution Agreement? When do you use it? Q&A with PwC Legal Switzerland

Why does an In-house Counsel Choose to Outsource?

When you're deciding whether to keep a project in-house or hire external counsel, these are the four things you should consider

What are Automated Legal Documents?

Description of what automated legal documents are and how they work

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