Changing your account from a private customer to a company

If you want to change your account from a private customer to a company on PartnerVine, here's how you do it: 

  1. On PartnerVine's home page, click on SIGN IN. Sign-in-icon
  2. Sign in with your current email and password.Sign-in
  3. Click on the account button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Account-icon
  4. Go to Address in the menu.Account-Menu
  5. Click on "Change" on the Address page. Private-Customer-Address
  6. Change "Private customer" to "Company".Company-address-change
  7. Type in your company name and press "Save address". In the UK and EU, you'll be asked for your VAT number (click here for more information). In Switzerland, you'll be asked for your business identification number or UID (click here for more information).Company-name-address
  8. You're now registered as a company.Address-saved

Note for the UK and EU

We ask for your VAT number to help us with our records. You're not required to have a validated VAT number for a purchase.

  1. On the change address page, there is a field for your VAT number below the field for your company name. Input your VAT number there. UK-VAT-field
  2. Click "Save address". The next page will tell you if your VAT has been validated.UK-validated-VAT

Note for Switzerland

In Switzerland, your company's VAT number is the same as your company's business identification number ("UID") with the addition of "MWST" at the end. We ask for your UID for PwC's client screening. If you're not buying PwC products, you don't need to give us your UID.

  1. On the change address page, when you put in your company's name, PartnerVine will automatically search for your company's UID.VAT-Lookup-Switzerland
  2. Click on your company's UID, which will then show up in the VAT field. Company-and-VAT-Switzerland
  3. After you click "Save address", a note will tell you if the UID number for your company has been validated. Valid-Swiss-VAT
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