Currencies on PartnerVine

PartnerVine has five payment currencies: US dollars ($), euros (€), pounds sterling (£), Canadian dollars (Can$) and Swiss francs (CHF).

If you are buying from a country where one of those currencies is your national currency, that is your payment currency on PartnerVine. If you are in a country where your currency is not a payment currency on PartnerVine, you have been assigned a payment currency based on trading volume, currency pegs or membership in the European Economic Area. Your payment currency is shown when you proceed to checkout.

If you would like to see product prices in a different currency, you can set a currency for reference in the main menu. Prices are based on exchange rates provided by the European Central Bank. Changing the currency you see product prices in does not change your payment currency.

Any conversion fees or spreads from the payment currency to your local currency are charged by your bank or card issuer. Your bank or card issuer may use a different source for exchange rates or take a rate set at a different time so there may be a difference between the price you pay in your local currency and the reference and payment prices shown on PartnerVine.

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