Principles for Suppliers

PartnerVine is a common portal for law firms to sell their legal products. These principles let law firms and legal service providers (our “suppliers”) know what they can expect from PartnerVine as the host of the portal.  We value our suppliers and plan to be an excellent partner in helping you provide services.

PartnerVine’s law firms and legal service providers supply the legal services and are at the core of PartnerVine’s mission. PartnerVine is committed to excellence in dealing with its suppliers. In particular, suppliers can expect:

A Level Playing Field.  PartnerVine is committed to providing a level playing field for suppliers, so that each supplier has the opportunity to succeed based on their own efforts. The terms of PartnerVine’s selling fees are applied equally to all suppliers. PartnerVine’s digital marketing efforts are also applied equally to all suppliers. That does not mean that we won’t treat national, regional or industry markets differently, but that we will do our best to treat suppliers selling in those markets equally.

Transparency. PartnerVine is committed to transparency for buyers and sellers. Members can see what’s for sale in the marketplace and how much it costs. Suppliers may restrict other suppliers from buying their products, but the marketplace aims for transparency for both buyers and sellers.

Safety. We know you need to be able to trust us. We will seek to meet or exceed industry standards to make PartnerVine safe. For more information regarding data protection, please see our data privacy policy.

An Efficient Marketplace. The more transactions that take place on PartnerVine, the smaller costs are compared to revenue. We pledge to work hard to grow PartnerVine and make a common portal that will benefit our suppliers. We will do that by promoting PartnerVine and, with the understanding that growing PartnerVine is a long-term goal, passing on the benefits to you. In any event, you’ll see what you pay.

PartnerVine's terms and conditions apply to these principles and the operation of the portal. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.