The Seller's Portal 2.0

We have now rolled out version 2.0 of our Seller's Portal, which includes the following additional features: 

  1. Reporting. Real-time reporting of your sales with monthly and quarterly sales summaries.
  2. Social. You can let users ask you questions on your product page and answer them directly in your Seller's Portal. That means you can convert users interested in your products to purchasers of your services. The feature helps users overcome concerns that your software won't address their needs, and streamlines the sale of your products and services.
  3. Analytics. The Seller's Portal now provides access to statistics for your product pages and articles on PartnerVine. 
  4. Integrated. The firms we're working with are selling standardized products on PartnerVine that complement their existing services business. We're here to help with that products strategy, and we're making it easy for law firms to manage product sales outside their network. PartnerVine works as an integrated part of your product strategy. 

In September of last year, we rolled out the Seller's Portal, which allows sellers to manage their products on PartnerVine directly. The Seller's Portal lets our sellers control their product strategy and get to market faster. If you'd like to read our initial article announcing the Seller's Portal, see here.

If you'd like to see the Seller's Portal in action, contact us.

For more information on how to sell your legal products on PartnerVine, see Sell your legal products.

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