Introducing the Seller's Portal

We've rolled out our Seller's Portal, which allows sellers to manage their products on PartnerVine directly. Have you created a profile on LinkedIn? That's what law firms can now do for their legal products. 

It's part of our commitment to make it easy for sellers to control their products on PartnerVine. Why is that important?

  1. Control the product strategy. Sellers want to control how they sell products on PartnerVine. The Seller's Portal lets them do so. 
  2. Faster to market. We've cut out several steps in launching and updating products with the Seller's Portal. That means you'll be faster to market and faster to turn around changes.
  3. Improved design. We've turned the spotlight on our own processes with the Seller's Portal. The Seller's Portal also means we'll be iterating more quickly as we can roll out improvements and get feedback at scale.
  4. Integrated. The firms we're working with are selling standardized products on PartnerVine that complement their existing services business. We're here to help with that products strategy, and we're making it easy for law firms to manage product sales outside their network. PartnerVine works as an integrated part of your product strategy. 

If you'd like to see the Seller's Portal in action, contact us.

For more information on how to sell your legal products on PartnerVine, see Sell your legal products.

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