PartnerVine's Fellowship Program

In response to COVID-19, PartnerVine has launched PartnerVine Fellow, a fellowship that takes place over three months and is an opportunity to learn about legal technology on a remote basis. We hope that the fellowship will provide some support to those affected by the COVID-19 crisis. During the fellowship, the goal is for fellows to produce one article on legal technology a week and review it with PartnerVine's team in an online meeting. The fellowship is intended to help those interested in legal technology learn in a practical manner with an emphasis on producing articles suitable for publication. As COVID-19 runs its course, we hope this will help lawyers and non-lawyers interested in legal technology learn more about legal tech in a way that materially helps their careers.  

"We want to help develop careers in legal technology, and are inviting fellows to take part in a remote fellowship to learn and develop during the COVID-19 crisis. We think it's the best way we can help," said Jordan Urstadt, PartnerVine's CEO. 

Zach Hokfelt, a recent graduate of the University of Zurich who has just finished an exchange program with Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, is PartnerVine's inaugural fellow. Zach is doing a traineeship at Quinn Emmanuel and pursuing PartnerVine's fellowship in his spare time. "The PartnerVine fellowship gives me a chance to learn about legal technology over an intense three-month period and focuses on my personal development. I'm thrilled to be part of the program," Zach said.

The fellowship is intended to fit in with a fellow's other activities, including the challenges brought on by COVID-19. Fellows need not be lawyers, although lawyers will be preferred. Fellows work remotely. Apart from the weekly meeting, fellows also have control over their schedules and can pursue the fellowship in their spare time. Although local rules and regulations control, there are no geographic restrictions on who can apply. For more information, see our PartnerVine Fellow page here. 

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