PartnerVine certified as Climate Neutral

We were certified for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for 2020 today. PartnerVine's certification for 2020 is the second year of our carbon neutral commitment. We have also implemented an emissions reduction plan for 2021 and will continue our push toward sustainablility.

PartnerVine has committed to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions because we want you to know that PartnerVine’s integrity extends to every aspect of our business, including our sustainability strategy. Integrity in the way we manage our greenhouse gas emissions is another way of earning the trust of those we work with, and we intend to earn that trust in every way we can.

As we did last year, we’re working with Climate Neutral, an independent non-profit organization, to measure, reduce, and offset our carbon emissions. Climate Neutral’s certification results in net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for our company, which means we reduce the amount of carbon we’re responsible for emitting, then zero out the rest by purchasing carbon offsets. Carbon offsets are investment projects that either prevent carbon from being emitted or remove carbon from the atmosphere.

If you’d like to learn more about PartnerVine's sustainability strategy and what we're doing with Climate Neutral, see our initial commitment article here or our initial press release with Climate Neutral here.

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