How we first show you products

To make things easier for you to find, we list products that we think will be relevant to you first. When you click "Browse Products", the products will be shown to you in three categories as follows: 

  1. Products under your governing law
  2. Products in your national language(s) and English
  3. Other Products

If the product list starts by listing products in your national language and English, that is because we do not yet have products under your governing law. When we launch in your jurisdiction, you'll see items under your governing law first.

For countries like the US and UK that have more than one governing law, you'll see products based on your country's governing laws in that first category. 

We decide what items to show you based on your IP address. If you register and/or sign in, you'll be shown items based on the address in your registration because we'll assume that's what you will want to see. There is a country setting in the menu (next to the location pointer), where you can look at what's shown by country if you wish. You can also always filter and sort to find what you want. The geolocation only really affects the products you are shown first. 

As always, feedback welcome. We are here to help!

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