PartnerVine Launch in Beta

PwC Switzerland and MLL sell Automated Documents to the Public

Zurich, Switzerland: PartnerVine, an online portal for the sale of automated legal documents, launched today in a beta version. With PricewaterhouseCoopers Switzerland's legal arm ("PwC Legal") as its initial supplier, the launch is the first time a major legal service provider sells automated legal documents to the public, which marks a major milestone in how legal services are sold. 

"PwC Legal has opened its Swiss-law automated document library for sale on an unbundled basis. From now on, customers of PartnerVine can start their in-house legal projects with the resources of major legal service providers, at a fraction of what it'd cost to have us do the work manually. There's nothing like it in the world and we're thrilled to be leading the way," says Dieter Wirth, head of Tax and Legal Services at PwC in Zurich. 

"The value proposition for in-house counsel is clear. You can get the document and guidance notes in a smart questionnaire that'll get you up and running for a fixed price. No more telephone calls to figure out the options--just buy your document and get going," says Jordan Urstadt, CEO of PartnerVine. 

PartnerVine has launched in beta with a first set of documents under Swiss law from PwC Legal. PwC Legal, shortly to be followed by additional documents from Meyerlustenberger Lachenal ("MLL"). Subsequently, both PwC Legal and MLL aim to produce a complete suite of corporate documents aligned with their practice areas. During the beta phase, the documents will only be sold to customers that do not have an independence-relevant relationship with PwC (including, but not limited to, being an audit client of PWC). The launch in beta is to provide an opportunity for early adopters to provide feedback, build the community and improve the offer. 

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About PartnerVine: PartnerVine is where the world's top law firms sell their automated legal documents. From its beginnings on the back of a napkin with the support of PwC Switzerland, PartnerVine has been dedicated to innovation and bringing the strength of technology to in-house counsel and lawyers around the world. PartnerVine has offices in Zurich and New York.

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