MLL Launch on PartnerVine

Meyerlustenberger Lachenal pioneers tech-first strategy for M&A

Zurich, December 12th, 2017: Meyerlustenberger Lachenal (MLL), a leading law firm in Switzerland, has launched its sale of automated legal documents on PartnerVine today. MLL is the first law firm in the world to sell automated merger documents to the public. M&A and post closing intra group restructuring are important parts of the corporate practice for law firms globally, and MLL is disrupting that practice by helping in-house counsel do more internal group restructurings and mergers themselves.

“MLL is stepping it up a notch with our tech-first strategy. We’re starting with intra-group mergers, where our automated documents will expand the ability of an in-house team to manage a merger. If that team needs custom advice, our services dovetail with our automated documents. That is the best way to integrate the advantages of tech with our comprehensive legal expertise,” says Alexander Vogel, head of Corporate Finance at MLL in Zurich.

”MLL is the leader of law firms globally with this offer. M&A and post closing integration work is a major revenue driver for law firms around the globe, and until now law firms have only pursued tech for M&A and post closing internal group restructuring if it didn’t threaten their margins. MLL is saying the emperor has no clothes for intra-group mergers, and giving in-house counsel the tools to do more post closing integration work such as intragroup mergers themselves. Since in-house counsel can access the expertise of MLL when they need it, it’s a thoroughly compelling offer the world has never seen before,” says Jordan Urstadt, CEO of PartnerVine. 

MLL is starting its offer with a suite of intra group restructuring documents, and aims to expand its offer to a complete suite of documents ranging from standard corporate forms, M&A or finance related documents to ICT contracts in line with its main practice areas. In another first, MLL is selling automated documents on PartnerVine in both English and German, with French to follow soon. In addition, there are no restrictions on who can purchase MLL’s documents. If a purchaser of an automated legal document wants legal advice from MLL, a conflict check would need to be performed.

MLL is launching these documents in a beta version to provide an opportunity for early adopters to provide feedback, build the community and improve the offer.

About PartnerVine: PartnerVine is a common portal where the world’s top law firms sell their automated legal documents. From its beginnings on the back of a napkin with the support of PwC Switzerland, PartnerVine has been dedicated to innovation and bringing the strength of technology to in-house counsel and lawyers around the world. PartnerVine has offices in Zurich and New York. Go to for more information. 



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