PartnerVine goes Climate Positive

This year, PartnerVine went Climate Positive. That means we offset more greenhouse gas emissions than we emitted. This is the third year of our carbon commitment, and the first year that we have gone climate positive. The last two years, we were certifed as climate neutral, which means we offset all the greenhouse gas emissions we emitted.

PartnerVine has committed to address our greenhouse gas emissions because we want you to know that PartnerVine’s integrity extends to every aspect of our business, including our sustainability strategy. Integrity in the way we manage our greenhouse gas emissions is another way of earning the trust of those we work with, and we intend to earn that trust in every way we can.

We worked with Climate Neutral Now, the UN's initiative to measure, reduce and offset greenhouse gas emissions. We measured our emissions for 2021, and because of reduced airplane travel due to COVID, our emissions went down. As a result, we decided to invest in offsets that reduce carbon emissions 6x more than our 2021 footprint. That made us Climate Positive for 2021. We can't promise we'll be Climate Positive every year. One important element in going Climate Positive is being able to afford the cost of carbon offsets, and we have seen the price climb steeply in the last three years. For this year though, we're proud to be Climate Positive. 

This year, we purchased our carbon offsets from Cool Effect. We funded a project in Honduras called Project Mirador. Project Mirador funds clean cooking stoves that use half the wood of traditional methods, and reduce carbon dioxide and particulate matter in a home by 79%. The project is certified as a Gold Standard project. We like clean cooking stoves because we think they are more likely to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that otherwise wouldn't be reduced.

Our achievement badge from Climate Neutral Now is below. If you'd like to learn more about what we've done in prior years, you can find articles on our Sustainability Policy here.


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