Signature of a Bilateral Agreement between Switzerland and the UK

To ensure the existing mutual rights and obligations of its citizens continue to apply after Brexit, Switzerland and the UK signed a Bilateral Agreement on 25 February 2019 guaranteeing the acquired rights of their citizens currently living abroad in the UK and Switzerland, respectively. This Agreement also governs the rules for UK citizens intending to move to Switzerland and Swiss citizens intending to move to the UK after 30 March 2019, regardless of the Brexit terms ('Deal' or 'No deal' scenario).

Brexit: The impact on immigration from a Swiss perspective

The UK is an important partner for Switzerland in many areas, including migration. Switzerland wishes to ensure that the existing mutual rights and obligations in its relationship with the UK will continue to apply as far as possible after the UK leaves the EU.

Switzerland: Update on the new integration requirements applicable to foreign nationals as of 1 January 2019

Similar to other European countries, Switzerland has amended its immigration law to stipulate legally binding integration requirements for foreign nationals and to facilitate access to the Swiss labour market for recognised refugees and provisionally admitted persons.