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Inter-Company Contribution Agreement (shares or quotas)

Inter-Company Contribution Agreement (shares or quotas)

PricewaterhouseCoopers AG

Date: October 16, 2017
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Author's Note

The Share Contribution Agreement is a standard Swiss-law governed agreement for an intra-group... Read more

The Share Contribution Agreement is a standard Swiss-law governed agreement for an intra-group contribution of shares or quotas to a Swiss limited liability company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung or GmbH) or corporation (Aktiengesellschaft or AG), where the contribution is to be allocated to the recipient’s legal reserves from capital contributions.

The Share Contribution Agreement includes standard provisions reflecting the resolutions and corporate approvals required by the recipient in order to accept and allocate the capital contribution to its legal reserves, and the formalities required to execute and give effect to the contribution (such as updating the shareholders register, and delivering physical titles or certificates).  It also includes standard mutual representations and warranties regarding the parties’ existence and authority to enter into the agreement.

Terms which are configurable to the user’s needs include:

  • The details of the shares or quotas being contributed;
  • Whether the contribution is made at book value, par value or fair market value; and
  • Jurisdiction and arbitration. 


Circumstances of Use

This document is intended solely for intra-group financing purposes where the recipient company is incorporated in Switzerland.

 Terms of Use

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  • Access the document-generation interview for 90 days from date of purchase;
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  • Share and use the document copies in connection with the circumstances described in this Author’s Note and only for the ordinary business purposes of the group of companies to which you belong.


Other Comments

No warranty or representation is given or made as to the appropriateness or impact of the financing transactions envisaged by this document in the specific circumstances of any given group of companies. No legal or tax advice is provided and nothing in this template or the related user interview shall be deemed to constitute the provision of legal or tax advice in relation to any fact or matter. Where necessary, specialist legal and tax advice and input from group treasury and accounting functions should be sought prior to executing this agreement.