New EBA clarifications to APIs requirements under PSD2

The Regulatory Technical Standards on strong customer authentication and secure api (RTS on SCA & CSC), which will apply from 14 September 2019, are the key to achieving the objectives of PSD2.

New Directive on Whistleblower Protection

The European Parliament and EU Council have recently agreed to a game-changing piece of legislation that will help protect persons reporting incidents (“whistleblowers”) across Europe. It is the first time that the EU will have a dedicated legislation in this area.

The impact of EMIR Refit

The impact of EMIR Refit on Swiss-based entities as parties to OTC derivative contracts with EU-based counterparties and for Swiss banks that have affected corporate clients

EBA Outsourcing Guidelines - Update

It was expected, or at least there was wishful thinking, that MiFID II (2014/65/EU)
and GDPR (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) would be the regulatory summit for our
high mountain region. However, the European Regulator is continuing to pursue
its overall goal of strengthening the regulatory framework in the European Union,
which, in turn, is having a major impact on the Swiss financial industry.