Parliament agrees on revised Swiss Data Protection Act

Almost to the day three years after the Federal Council first published the draft bill to revise the Swiss Data Protection Act (FADP), the Parliament was finally able to agree on a new law.

COVID-19 – how to handle the compliance risks of the “new normal”

The outbreak of the highly contagious and rapidly spreading COVID-19 virus is continuing to have a significant impact across the globe. Not only have travel restrictions and the concern of getting infected changed everyday life completely, there have also been drastic changes in the working world. Wherever possible, working from home has become the norm.

EU Whistleblowing Directive – of relevance to Swiss companies?

Commonly known scandals, such as the Panama Papers or Cambridge Analytica, made evident that whistleblowers can play an important role when it comes to unveiling misconduct inside companies and organisations. Until now, whistleblower protection in the European Union (EU) had only been regulated in a fragmented manner. However, with the Whistleblowing Directive the EU has introduced a minimum standard for a uniform level of protection throughout the EU.