Clifford Chance Applied Solutions launch

Clifford Chance Applied Solutions (“CCAS”) launched on PartnerVine today. CCAS is selling Cross-Border Publisher: Data Protection, a product that delivers expert information on 78 data protection questions across 17 jurisdictions in Europe. CCAS is a subsidiary of Clifford Chance LLP, one of the world's largest law firms.

“We’re thrilled to offer Cross-Border Publisher: Data Protection to PartnerVine’s global community of users,” says Jeroen Plink, the CEO of Clifford Chance Applied Solutions. “We look for partners that reflect the quality and scope of what we do. On PartnerVine, customers can purchase our country modules a la carte with a dynamic user experience tailored to the user. We couldn’t be more pleased with PartnerVine.”

“Clifford Chance Applied Solutions is building the next generation of legal tech,” says Jordan Urstadt, CEO of PartnerVine. “They thoughtfully solve problems for their clients and then scale them, with an excellent user experience and the full resources of a Magic Circle firm. Cross-Border Publisher: Data Protection is the best solution available for data protection issues, and we’re pleased to bring it to the PartnerVine community.”

Cross-Border Publisher: Data Protection provides expert information on 78 data protection issues. The information is available in a simple question and answer format, making it easy for in-house counsel to answer questions on data protection quickly. For companies that collect data in more than one country, the product soundly surpasses the alternatives available to in-house counsel. It replaces the need for a costly multi-jurisdictional review of data protection obligations, and makes it easy to compare rules and regulations across jurisdictions. CCAS, backed by the expertise of the international network of Clifford Chance LLP, provides a broader knowledge base than any one company could reasonably build on its own, and has created a better solution to meet the requirements of multinational data privacy obligations. Since the knowledge in the product is updated by CCAS and the Clifford Chance network, the subscription will also avoid the fate of many in-house data privacy projects, which quickly fade into obsolescence. Finally, the pricing leverages the delivery of legal services with software, bringing the cost of understanding data protection obligations way down.

CCAS is the digital legal subsidiary of Clifford Chance LLP, one of the ten largest law firms in the world. It was established to provide efficient solutions at scale for its largest clients. CCAS is now bringing those solutions to PartnerVine in order to provide access to companies that may not have the resources to pursue a large-scale solution on their own.

Cross-Border Publisher: Data Protection is available for subscription by jurisdiction. On PartnerVine, companies can subscribe to country modules and build a custom subscription. Most companies will subscribe to the jurisdictions that reflect where they do business, which means they won’t pay for more jurisdictions than they need. Click on your principal jurisdiction below to see the product offer.

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