30% off PwC products until 21st of July

In an effort to support companies affected by COVID-19, PwC is offering a 30% reduction on all of its products on PartnerVine until the 21st of July 2020. 

"Since the COVID-19 restrictions have been put in place, we've seen particular interest in fast and efficient administration processes. Our software is a good solution right now for companies that need to reposition assets as a result of COVID-19. To support those companies, we are reducing our prices on PartnerVine for the next three months," says Dieter Wirth, Leader Tax, Legal & HR Services and Managing Partner at PwC Switzerland. 

"PwC is doing the right thing at the right time and we're pleased to be able to assist. We're available for companies that have questions," says Jordan Urstadt, CEO of PartnerVine. 

In addition to promissory notes and loan agreements, PwC has products on PartnerVine that cover a wide range of transfers of cash and other assets under Swiss law. Detailed descriptions for the products can be reached by clicking on the links in the list below:

Further resources

A complete list of PwC's products is here. If you’d like to see how PwC's automated documents work, PwC has automated an abridged version of its “Intra-group Loan Agreement”, which can be accessed by clicking “Preview Document” in the “Preview a Document” box on each of PwC’s product pages. If you have further questions, you can contact PartnerVine by email, chat or our telephone hotline. The chat and telephone hotline are available 24/7.

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